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New to the Portal?

SEARCHING for content?: 3 ways to search
1. Use the search function to search posts and files on the entire site.
2. Look for a Topic of interest for related posts, files, and links. Such as Climate Change or Economic Sustainability
3. Look at a Tag of interest. Such as ‘For Teachers’ or “For Secondary Students’.

SHARING your content?: 3 ways to share – you have to be a user first!

1. Go to your ‘Dashboard’ (link at the bottom of the page):
2. Make a new ‘post‘ by clicking ‘add new’ under the post column.
3. Write a small piece or paste the abstract.
4. Be sure to BOTH Tag it with who it is for (click on the common tags only) AND give it a Topic – choose all that apply for each category.
5. Attach your file or media.
6. To add a video file you must first upload it to vimeo, youtube, or i tunes U (on a permancnet server), then make a post of the abstract.
7. Click Publish, confirm publish
8. Check your post for acuracy and to be sure the links are correct

Disclaimer – Only authorized persons shall post material that is under copyright. Links to other websites are acceptable as long as that site is authorized.  Failure to comply with this policy will result in loss of user ability and could lead to legal ramifications.