Tapped – Water Bottle Exchange

Film Screening & Discussion with Filmmaker: Tapped, Wednesday, 4/21, 5-7pm

Tapped is a stunning documentary by Stephanie Soechtig, co-founder of Atlas Films and previously filmmaker for ABC and Fox, that explores the unregulated business of bottled water and its serious impact on our health and environment, including climate change and pollution. The documentary is part of the Clinton Global Initiative and was premiered in Maine, where the opening was filmed – no coincidence that “on location” meant home to Poland Spring, natural spring water that is bottled and widely sold throughout the country.

On Wednesday, April 21st filmmaker Stephanie Soechtig will be joined by her colleague, Katrina Parks,  Outreach Producer, to present and discuss their new documentary. Some of the controversial questions that will be explored during the debut screening of Tapped at Teachers College are:

Is access to clean drinking water a basic human right or a natural resource that should be commercialized?

How do pharmaceuticals find their way to our water?

What happens when private companies control our water and our sewers?

Why is the relationship between water and oil so critical?

Should we continue to allow some 30,000,000 single-serve plastic bottles end up on landfills daily — and should we take a stand on their location – closest to the poorest of populations?

Are companies still labeling their water in a misleading manner, selling not pure source but contaminated tap?