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If interested in joining the network, please send an email with your requested profile name, some names may not be available.

1. You will be sent an email inviting you to the site
2. You can set up your profile and password once you first login.  From your dashboard you can change your password and other settings on your account. Remember your user name and password, the site administrator cannot give you this information.
3. Add a picture to your profile by creating a ‘gravatar’.  This picture follows you throughout the internet sites that use pressible formats so you can comment on all pressible sites with the same profile.  Go to the following to create your gravatar:

Pressible recognizes Gravatars, or globally-recognized avatars. A gravatar is like an ID photo that follows you wherever the Gravatar function is enabled. Every time you post or comment on any Pressible site, a gravatar will appear to identify you.
If you haven’t set up a Gravatar in the past, here’s how to get one:
Go to and click Get Your Gravatar today.

  1. Enter your email address and click Sign Up. This MUST be the same email address you use in Pressible.
  2. Check your email for the activation link. Follow that link to choose your Username and Password. *Pressible recommends using your real first and last name. Gravatar usernames cannot change, and we’ve found this guideline works best and minimizes namers’ remorse.
  3. Add a picture from your computer or from a website by following the instructions on the page. You’ll be able to crop your image to the necessary size. Once you have the picture and cropping you like, click “Crop and Finish”.
  4. Once your Gravatar is set, it will automatically appear in Pressible.

4. Check out the FAQ’s from Pressible here: