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The Adaptation Fund 

I am increasingly thinking that the Climate Change discourse is outdated and we need to focus more on the practical things, like the social problems we will face because climate change is happen whether we do anything to stop it or not.  Look at the resource concerns all over the world; especially because changes in …

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North Coast Rural Challenge Network 

Network of four rural school districts using project-based technology to reform education, revitalize economies, and preserve the environment; works to institutionalize the change process.

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UNICEF Voices of Youth 

Resources and discussion forums on issues concerning children, including water, environment, and sanitation, to encourage children and youth to take action on global issues. Others include child rights, Millennium Development Goals, education.

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Education International 

The world’s largest Global Union Federation comprised of 348 member organizations, representing 30 million teachers and educators in 169 countries, to develop democratic organizations for the building of solidarity among educators and protecting their human rights and professional freedoms, promotes sustainable development, fair trade, health, basic social services, and safety

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